The Bhimbetka caves are about 30,000 years old. Spectacularly carved rock shelters that were home to humans centuries ago. The very beautiful and rich flora and fauna around them make Bhimbetka a gift to us from our early ancestors. This beautiful Bhimbetka Rock Shelter has the oldest known rock art in India, as well as one of the largest prehistoric complexes to see.



Bhimbetka caves


An archaeological treasure, Bhimbetka has about 243-260 rock shelters and has earned its place in the UNESCO World Heritage or has earned respect. The images found in the rock shelters here are similar to those discovered in Australia’s famous Kakadu National Park; For cave paintings of Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert and Upper Palaeolithic Lascaux cave paintings in France.


Surrounded by the dense forests of Bhimbetka, a tour of these ancient natural carved rocks will leave you with a childlike wonder or may I say refresh your childhood memories. About 50 minutes drive from Bhimbetka will also take you on a tour of Bhojpur. Visit the mysterious temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. In its sanctum sanctorum, there is a Shivling about 7.5 feet high. It is believed that the construction of the temple started during the reign of Paramara king Bhoja.


Bhimbetka caves

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